It has been quite a while since my last post … however, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on the boat. It only means that I’ve been too busy to log a post! Without further adieu, here is a list of the items that I have been busy working on:

  1. I had all of the little dings in the gelcoat repaired around the boat (interior and exterior). For some reason these were driving me crazy! With a lot of help from El Rey and El Maestro, all of the gel coat dings have been repaired. Even with all of the gel coat dings repaired, the gel coat on the boat is 26+ years old and the white color is stained in places, the rough texture is worn down in areas and the white color is dull and tired looking in other areas. All of this is to be expected from a boat of this age. I gave it quite a bit of thought and decided to spruce things up a bit with #2 below.
  2. Apply SeaDek to the rails and as many surfaces as possible from stern to bow.
  3. Install the high water alarm
  4. Install LED lights underneath the gunwales
  5. Finish off the cockpit by cutting and installing a teak baseboard
  6. Replace all of the old hoses underneath the back deck.
  7. Change the power light on top of the cockpit from the solar light to a wired LED light

I am getting the final shipment of my SeaDek material for the deck floor this week. In my next post, I’ll show photos of the LED lights on at night reflecting off of the new SeaDek floor. The remaining project left is to wire in the new switch panels with the new starboard plate. The new switch panels are scheduled to arrive mid-week. That should about wrap up my work on the exterior. The cabin and head will be my next focus. The only thing I want to improve in the cabin is the headliner. I plan on removing the old monkey fur and installing something that updates the appearance and makes the cabin more inviting.Until next time, tight lines!

Cockpit After

Cockpit Before

Stern After

Stern Before

Bow After

Bow Before

Front of Cockpit After

Front of Cockpit Before

Starboard Side After

Starboard Side Before

Port Side After

Port Side Before

LED Power Light After

Solar Power Light Before (Only photo I have)
(The solar light is the one behind the spot light – can’t see the very top portion)

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