The replacement Mercury Smartcraft SC1000 gauges (one for each engine), display all the necessary engine information regarding voltage, rpm, water pressure, engine temperature, engine hours, trim, fuel flow rate plus much more. More importantly, whenever an alarm goes off, the meter will display a pop up window on the LCD screen with a bar graph to display the current alarm conditions. Meters illustrate engine alarm conditions with information on the problem as well as the severity of the condition. In my opinion, this is a very important upgrade. These 2004 Mercury Optimax 225 engines are great engines and they have the capacity to output quite a bit of data. I figured I might as well take advantage of these features.

Because I am replacing the existing gauges and reducing the number of gauges that I have, the old mounting board has a few empty cutouts in it which looks bad. I ordered 2 new mounting boards because I will also replace the mounting board holding all of the switches on the other side to make them match. The new mounting board has arrived and it looks great. I'm having the necessary holes cut out and then it will be ready to install. The toughest part of this particular upgrade was getting the harness from the back of the boat to the cockpit. At least that part of the job is complete.

I can see there will be some fine tuning and trouble shooting regarding a few of the sensors as some of them were not picking up correctly. This is all check list type items that will need to be tackled one at a time. More photos to come after the job is complete.

From the photos it is hard to see the difference between the old gauges and the new gauges. The new gauges have a digital display  in addition to the TAC where the old TAC gauges just show the RPM's. The only gauges that the new board will contain will be the 2 TAC gauges with the digital displays and the fuel gauge - everything else goes.




Old gauges

New Gauges - old board (new board to be installed early next week)


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