The new boat name has been applied to the boat. All the de-naming and re-naming secret ceremonies to follow shortly as per the instructions given by Neptune and Poseidon.

Most of the weekend was spent polishing and waxing the boat. The exterior is complete. All that remains is to finish installing the rub rail around the starboard side and the stern. All the gel coat from the cock pit forward has also been polished and waxed and is looking much better. This week the repaired pulpit should be ready to be installed.


Bow where repaired pulpit will be installed


Area in front of the cockpit

Starboard to Stern View


Port to Stern View





Patry joined me again on Sunday which was great. She keeps me on task and organized. My tendency to jump from one item to another and scatter tools all over the place doesn't fly when Patry is onboard -  Thank you Patry! 


I am hopeful to get a couple of items done and off the master list this week - rub rail, new gauges, seats, new horn, fuel sending unit and split hose. I'm hoping to attack the window frames and box lids this weekend. I'm coming into the final turn but there is still a bit of track to go!

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