This is my master list of repairs, upgrades and other enhancements that I plan to complete. I expect this list to be dynamic in nature so I will update as necessary. As items get completed, I'll show these with a green check mark.

  • New Bottom Paint - As you can see from the below photo, the bottom paint is peeling and no longer protects the entire bottom of the boat. Aside from looking terrible, this is probably not a huge deal at the moment since the boat is not kept in a slip. Bottom paint is important if the boat is going to remain in the water for extended periods of time. I'm on the waiting list for a slip at Dana Point Harbor but the waiting list is about a year wait. I'm planning to hire out the bottom painting because a) the job can be quite nasty with the sanding and the application of the paint and b) I don't have the equipment to hoist the boat off the trailer in order to reach all of the hull. 

2. 2 Cracks in aluminum tower - there are 2 cracks in the aluminum tower that need to be welded. There is one on the starboard side and one on the port side. Since I do not know how to weld, I will hire someone to complete this repair.


Port Side Cockpit Support


Starboard side cockpit Support


  • Pulpit Repair - The pulpit has been pretty well beat up. It looks like the anchor may have been dropped on it a couple of times. I'll need to cut away and clear out all the broken pieces of fiberglass, repair and provide a fresh coat of gelcoat. The anchor roller at the end of the pulpit has also been thrashed and needs to be replaced.
  • Starboard fiberglass repair below gunwale - There is some damage on the starboard side below the gunwale. It appears from the exterior to be damage to the gelcoat but the damage actually goes through to the interior. 



  • Repair interior gelcoat dings - There are many gelcoat dings and gouges 100+ that need to be filled in the deck area. Examples of some of these dings are shown below.

Gel Coat dings, chips and holes - Port Side Rail


Gel Coat dings, chips and holes - Rail at Stern

  • Remove and replace the exterior Grady White Decals - The existing decals are scratched and badly sun damaged. Remove the decals and residue and replace with new decals.
  • Repair Port Side Fiberglass/gel coat damage


  • Replace Rub Rail - The rub rail on the port side is damaged. Although I could try to replace only the damaged area, the color may not be right because of the oxidation. There is an area that was replaced on the starboard side. My preference is to replace the entire rub rail.
  • Colming Bolsters - The boat came with the coaming bolsters removed. These are the cushions that provide comfort when leaning against the rails. I have a solution in mind ...



Starboard Side


Port Side


10. Strip paint from Aluminum Window frames - The frames were painted an aluminum color and is peeling bad. I need to strip the paint, polish the aluminum and apply evercoat.

  • Revive teak wood - The teak wood is washed out, needs to be cleaned and revived.
  • Upgrade Gauges

SC1000 MercMonitor

  • Replace cockpit seats (2)
  • Buff, Polish and Wax exterior and interior (after all repairs are made)
  • Install new Bait Tank
  • Fix Automatic Bilge pump
  • Install high water alarm
  • Ground fuel fill pipes to fuel tanks

19. Reseal any windows in need

  • Clean out water and debris from top of fuel tank, remove corrosion from fuel tank sending unit, replace split fuel hose at the forward fuel tank.
  • Fix horn
  • Place batteries in battery cases
  • Analyze battery system for any needed upgrades
  • Repair 2 box lids that have separated
  • Inspect and repair helm bulkhead as necessary

26. Secure macerator switch at macerator panel

  • Fix Toilet - lubricate or replace toilet pump; replace or repair toilet mount
  • Service steering fluid

29. Seal gap at the transom and engine pod; Remove corrosion from platform; Replace corroded engine mounts

  • Add LED Lights
  • Additional seating solution

32. Order and install starboard glass vent

  • Replace lamp cover for cockpit light

34. Replace any cockpit lights that do not work

  • Replace outdated, low pressure fire extinguishers
  • Replace old flares with new flares
  • Replace red navigation light (bow)
  • Wire in white anchor light
  • Install 24 mile radar

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