I heard the knock at the door earlier today and when I opened the door the person was gone but the box containing my custom cut SeaDek coaming bolsters was staring me in the face. I haven’t been this excited to open a box since Christmas time when I was about 10! I ripped open the box and the custom cut pieces looked incredible. The SeaDek material I chose has 2 colors sandwiched together. The stern piece is grey underneath with a blue piece on top. Both rail pieces have the colors reversed (blue underneath, grey on top). The logos were made by routing out the top layer exposing the bottom layer. These guys have done a fantastic job with the logos … well worth the wait! www.seadek.com

The moment of truth arrived when I arrived at the boat and did a dry run by  placing the coaming bolsters for fit. Luckily they fit perfectly! The old adage “measure twice, cut once” paid off on this project. I cleaned up the surface with acetone to make sure any dirt and grime were removed to ensure a rock solid adhesion. I started on one side of the stern, removed the paper backing from one of the correct end pieces and pressed into place. I repeated this process for the next 2 pieces before moving to the starboard and port sides. Everything lined up and the installation took less than 30 minutes … very smooth. The whole back of the boat looks a whole lot better and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Remember the “Before Pictures”?

Progress Update

I ran into a little snag with the material that I was going to use for the plate to house the new gauges. I’ve decided to go with 1/4″ black starboard with a 1/8″ route on one side along the edges instead of the other material I was going to use. This should look nice and last. I noticed the last couple of trips out that the fish finder was going a little hay wire. It appears that many of the connections behind the dash are corroded so this is being repaired. I’m hoping this solves the issue which I’m confident it will. I’m digging into the bilge pump switch issue. I can turn the pump on manually but the automatic switch is not working. I replaced the old switch with a new switch so I don’t think it is the switch .. more to come on this development. The new outrigger poles should be here this week. I ended up ordering 18′ outriggers instead of the 15′ existing aluminum poles. This will enable me to present a little wider spread and hopefully entice a few more fish to join the party.

I’ve made a serious dent into my Master Work List. Most of the remaining items involve ‘polishing’ things up a bit with some gel coat work. I’m still mulling around the different options – the ‘right’ way, a good way or a ‘good enough’ way! I’ve moved the radar desire to a future ‘want’. I’m thinking to incorporate this more comprehensively into an integrated fish finder, plotter, radar option. I am also thinking about adding another battery and moving all of the non-engine circuits to this battery and keeping the existing 2 batteries exclusively for starting the engines. This will be a fairly big project (especially seeing that I’ll be likely doing this myself) so I am contemplating doing this after the end of the fishing season.

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