The existing chairs are on their last legs and today is the day to put them out of their misery.


I removed a couple of nuts and bolts and the seat easily dislodged from the small pedestal. I opened the cabinet to gain access to the nuts holding the pedestal to the top of the box and I discovered that there was an insert with 2 drawers that needed to be removed. I removed the screws holding the insert in place and was able to remove the drawers and the insert exposing the nuts above. The screws holding the pedestal in place were corroded and one was stripped but after about 30 minutes, I was able to remove the 5 bolts as well as the pedestal. I buffed and polished the box so that I could apply one of the 'fish' decals that I found on Amazon.


With the passenger seat removed, it was time to remove the captain's seat. Unlike the passengers seat, the captain's seat was easier to remove as there is no insert or drawers to remove. The bolts were accessible when I opened the cabinet. Same drill, clean with acetone, buff, polish, and apply matching decal. I should receive the new chairs and pedestals by Friday. This should update the cockpit substantially after the new chairs are installed.


Hopefully, I should be able to wrap up the new chairs by this weekend. Unfortunately, I'm at the mercy of the shipping gods. 


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