There is a lot going on simultaneously at the moment. The fiberglass and gelcoat repairs to the port and starboard sides are wrapping up. The rub rail has been removed and the new rub rail has been ordered. It should arrive this week. All the little screw holes from the old rub rail have been filled and should be finished early this week. All of the old decals have been removed from the hull and the hull has been buffed using "Buff Magic" from Shurhold. Tomorrow I hope to polish the hull. If all goes well, the new decals will be installed on Wednesday. I expect to wax the hull by the end of the week. I removed all of the teak wood pieces including the folding door. I cleaned all of the teak pieces, applied teak brightener and then a couple of coats of teak oil. The teak looks much better and I should be able to put the pieces back in place tomorrow. The first part of the SeaDek material is due to arrive on Tuesday so I should be cutting and applying on Wednesday. The new gauges are due to arrive towards the end of the week and I expect to have these installed the following week. The dremel attachment for stripping paint arrived today. I plan on using this on the peeling paint from the metal surrounding the windows. I'm not really sure how well this is going to work so I may need to come up with a plan B if the paint doesn't come off easily or I run into other issues. I'm a little concerned about the tight quarters in some of the areas and using the dremel tool. The bottom paint is scheduled for next weekend. I've evaluated the existing live well and I'm come to the conclusion that it may be best to install a new live well in the middle of the deck. I am not convinced that putting a higher GPM pump in the existing live well is going to fix the current issue. Even if it does, the capacity of this live well is not sufficient for what I envision. I can get a 65 gallon live well installed that I know will more than be sufficient and it will definitely solve both existing problems. However, before I have the live well installed, I'll need to clean the fuel sending unit and replace the split hose since the live well will likely go above the access. In the event I ever need to get to this area again, I can easily remove the live well and gain access. I ordered another whizzy wheel since the first one has been ground down to a nub. I still have some additional decals to rub off around the cockpit as well as some other sun damaged decals. The rest of the repairs are pretty straight forward and will not take much time to complete. I'm on schedule for the initial 30-40 day projection. The first wave of blue fin tuna have arrived in Southern California. There are reports of 100lb jumpers well within range of Dana Point. This bodes very well for the upcoming fishing season. Last year was an exceptional year and it appears that this year will be even better!

Starboard side all buffed up, rub rail removed and the pulpit was removed in order to properly complete the repairs.

Port side all buffed and rub rail removed


Here's the old rub rail - faded, brittle and beat up!


This is the starboard gel coat/fiberglass repair in process.


After (Whizzy Wheel)

Teak folding doors removed in order to clean up

Teak pieces in process of being revitalized

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