It’s been a while since my last update. Between work, fishing and working on the boat, time has been an issue. I have installed all of the new electronics now. I’ve got the 10″ Garmin 1040xs installed and dialed in. I’ve inputted literally thousands of numbers marking all of the well known and the not so well known spots from San Diego up to LA out to past San Clemente Island. There is still some fine tuning to do but I’ll work on this when I’m out fishing. The Garmin fuel sensors have been installed. My gas gauge now works again which is a very good thing! The fuel sensors feed into the NMEA 2000 backbone providing fuel flow information to the 1040xs.

On my last trip out, I was able to test the radar unit and it works very well. I’ll need to experiment with the settings in order to get the specific information I want out of the unit but that requires a learning curve that comes only with use. The sonar unit I installed reads and provides great visuals from both transducers. The downView has incredible clarity and definition. The sideView also works very well although its a bit of a mind bend for me to interpret the view and perspective. Last trip out, it clicked in my mind how the device displays the information. I recently bought a F250 in order to haul the boat. I’ve been working on getting the lights and wiring configured on the trailer to work with my truck. On my last trip out, the jack on the trailer malfunctioned so I replaced it. The new one works great. I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should keep the boat in a slip or stay put where it is now (about a mile from Dana Point Harbor). I’ve decided to keep it where it is. A slip would be nice but then I would still have to store the trailer somewhere which seems like a waste.

I noticed that when I  raised the motors, some hydraulic fluid would leak out onto the platform by the next day.  I replaced some seals and that issue has been resolved. My battery situation is much better now that I have moved all of the non engine related appliances to the house battery. All the batteries are new and properly aligned with their function so I should get the maximum life out of them. I also have a charged battery starter that I bring alon each trip for insurance and an extra battery for double insurance.

My next project will involve updating the switches in the helm. At this point, some are marked correctly, some are incorrectly marked but I know what they are and yet others are useless because what they controlled is no longer functional or has been removed (e.g. windshield wipers). I’d like everything to have a switch that turns it on or off. The stereo does not have a switch and seems to turn on silently whenever the batteries are switched active. I have a high water alarm that I can now install. I will be installing colored LED lights to light up the back of the deck and the walkway to the front of the boat – should add a really nice touch. The glass has permanent water spot marks that can not be removed – I’ve tried with everything. This winter, I’d like to replace the glass and depending on the expense, I may do this piece by piece rather than all at the same time. The metal frames around the glass have peeling paint and some corrosion underneath that I want to sand out and buff to a shine. I’ve got the Evercoat that I have been anxious to use but this job will take some time and we are right in the middle of a great fishing season. The only other upgrade I would like to have is an electric winch for the anchor. At this point, I am down to the “wouldn’t it be nice” things and there is realistically probably no end to those!

I should be receiving my 360Fly camera any day now as it has been shipped. This is a camera that takes 360 degree video. I plan on mounting this on the boat in a position that will show some great video shots as the BROUBABY.COM pulls in some future monsters! Until next time … tight lines!

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