About BROUBABY.com

Why BROUBABY.com? Well, I could respond as Bluto did to Larry in Animal House when being assigned his Delta Thau Chi name ‘Pinto’:

Larry: “Why Pinto?”
Bluto: “*Burp* … Why Not?!”

That line still makes me laugh after more than 35 years!

Actually there is more of a back story to the name Broubaby. When you grow up with a last name like “Brouillard”, you learn very quickly not to be sensitive about any pronunciations that may be attempted. Role call during the first day of school each year went something like: “Anderson, Mike” … “Here!”, “Atkinson, Betty” … “Here!”, “Beaudine, Jolene” … “Here!”, “Brew — Briy — Browl —” … “Brouillard, Here.” “Thank you”. Over the years, I’ve acquired my own taste for nicknames out of necessity. I don’t recall all of them but a couple have stuck depending on the dynamics of the group at the time when it emerged.

About 15 years ago when my 2 daughters were much younger, I introduced the term “Broubabies” to them. The tale I told grew legs of their own as most tales do. Broubabies are the children of Brouillards. Over the years, I’ve come to identify myself with the term even though no one else has been aware of it.

Back in the late 1980’s, we purchased a 1920’s vintage home in Portland Oregon. The home had an unfinished basement so the extra space was not really usable except for perhaps some storage. I could not afford to pay someone to finish it and I didn’t have any idea on how to do the work so the space remained unchanged for the first couple of years. The house next door to us sold to a couple of brothers who were in the ‘fix em and flip em’ business. I became friends with them and I watched them finish off their basement which was almost identical to mine. When I saw each of the steps done, it all made sense and the work appeared to be very doable. I spent the next year working to finish off my basement. When I finally completed the work, I could not believe how well the project turned out! Remember, this was all before youtube, DIY internet videos, and a developed internet like we have today. Hmmm … “Monkey See, Monkey Do” …

Like the accidental collision of chocolate and peanut butter, broubaby.com is born! So now you have it – the genesis of the name broubaby.com and the tag line. Don’t you feel a lot better now?

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